Welcome to Roots-n-Streams, a social enterprise ministry
started out of a desire to help the world's poorest people.

'Roots-n-Streams' was created to provide stability and support (roots) to widows and orphans by selling their handicrafts. Economic stability allows them to flow 'streams' of life to others.  We are proud to be part of this process. 

We also offer presentations to inform, teach, create awareness, and inspire others to find creative ways to generate income to help those in need.   We believe anyone can make a difference and bring 'life' to others.

Contact Me:

Kim Brannon
Phone: 847-691-8005  
Email: kim@roots-n-streams.com 

Shop for some of our products on ETSY (RootsandStreams)

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"I love shopping with a purpose and Jinja Jewelry provides that.  It's great to know we are helping very needy women support themselves and their families.  The event was great with many nice products.  I wanted one of each!"  -JY 

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