Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘Fair Trade’?
Fair trade means to create greater equality and partnerships in the international trading system.  This means that our producers are encouraged to set prices within their framework of the true cost of labor, time, materials, sustainable growth and other related factors.  Our producers/ artisans are paid a livable labor wage in a safe working environment.  They do their work in small workshops or at home in safe conditions so they can care for their children rather than in sweatshops.  They have a voice in the working operations and contribute to the design of the product. 

What is a social enterprise?
A social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being,
rather than maximizing profits for external shareholders. Social enterprises can be structured as a for-profit or non-profit, and may take the form of a 
co -operative, mutual or a social business, or a charity organization.

Where do they get the paper to make the recycled paper jewelry?
The U.S. Hope Institute of Uganda office donates recycled magazines and posters for the artisans to use to make beads.  The bead makers also use some of their proceeds from sales to purchase end runs from a printer in Uganda.

How do you get the paper jewelry?
The paper jewelry comes from the Jinja Fair Trade Gift Shop and HIU office in Janesville, Wisconsin.  The jewelry is purchased from the artisans in Uganda and we help sell it for them.   Contact Kim at 847-691-8005 if you would like to help us sell.

How much of the money goes to artisans?
Hope Institute of Uganda (HIU) buys the jewelry directly from the artisans in Uganda.  The artisans set their prices, HIU buys, then resells here in the states.  The proceeds from the sales here are used to purchase more jewelry and to run the organization which includes medical work and education scholarships in Uganda.

What are the paper bead earring hooks made of?
The earring hooks are Sterling Silver plated, purchased from a distributor in Kenya.  The bead makers use some of their proceeds to buy the hooks.

Do you have wholesale purchase options?
Yes. Please contact Kim to discuss quantity discounts and prices.   847-691-8005

 What is the Bead Making Process?

1. First, paper is selected based on colors and patterns.   


2. The paper is cut into long or short triangles, with a wide or narrow end, resulting 
in beads of various sizes and shapes.  

                3. Rolling begins. Starting with the thick end of each triangle,                4. A small dab of glue is placed at the end to hold the bead together.

                  the paper is rolled tightly around a needle. 


5. After beads are created they are covered with several coatings of glaze.                   6. When the beads are dry they are strung into beautiful 
                                                                                                               necklaces, bracelets, earrings or purses. 

The whole process takes 2 weeks.


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